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Why Buying Grass Fed Beef is More Affordable Than You Think!

Have you ever wished you could buy a quarter or half cow, but then didn’t because you thought it was just too expensive or would take up too much room in the freezer? Let’s break down the costs to see if that is actually true!

Let’s start with the freezer. An entire cow (well, actually just the beef from the cow!) would easily fit into a standard 15 cubic foot chest freezer. (I just purchased two of these on sale at Lowe’s for $419 each!) Besides having stress free dinner plans when you’re snowed in with all this delicious beef in your freezer, extra freezer space is always beneficial from buying strawberries on sale to freeze for later or making a double batch of lasagna to freeze for later!

Now for the beef! Hopefully, you have already watched “The Magic Pill” on Netflix (and if you haven’t you should go do that right now!), so you know how important 100% grass fed beef is for your health. Let’s look at the average cuts you would receive in a quarter of beef. Quarters can range from about 110 to 150 pounds of hanging weight. That will translate into about 90 to 125 pounds of meat; this number is slightly less than the hanging weight, since a portion of the weight comes from discarded bones, etc.

For example, let’s compare the cost of an average quarter of our beef with the cost of buying an equivalent amount of beef at Whole Foods. Please note that only 3 of these cuts were actually 100% grass fed at the Whole Foods I checked! That means most of the Whole Food prices would be even higher for 100% grass fed beef! *denotes the 100% grass fed Whole Food products

Our price comes out to $609.50 total compared to the same meat bought over time at Whole Foods totaling $1118.00! Again, remember that most of the Whole Food cuts were not of 100% grass fed beef, so those prices would be even higher for the better quality. Also bear in mind that you get to customize all of the meat you buy from Living Dirt Ranch. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the term, customizing means you get to choose the thickness of your steaks, how much ground beef you want, how big you want your roasts, etc.! So take that $1118.00 you could have spent minus the $609.50 that you were wise enough to invest in our beef - that still leaves you $508.50 to spend on a freezer to store your beef in!

When it comes to how you should buy your beef, we think the choice is clear!

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