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Why Buy Our Grass-Finished Beef?

1. Sustainably Raised

Grass-finished beef actually helps the environment, rather than harm as we are often told. Cattle eating grass help aerate and disturb soil, so that it can "breathe" and incorporate essential nutrients. Cows that eat grass do not consume grain that could go to feeding human consumers. Grass-finished cattle also spread their own manure, replenishing the nutrients they remove from the soil by eating the grass. In this system there is no need to use fossil fuels to ship in feed and ship out waste, since the whole cycle provides for its own needs.


2. Health Benefits 

Grass-finished beef contains twice the ratio of the healthier omega-3 fat to the inflammatory omega-6 fat. Omega-3 is important in reducing inflammation in our body. Grass-finished beef is also higher in CLA, conjugated lineleic acid, which has been associated with lower cancer risk. Grass-finished cows have normal rumen and gut microbiomes which inhibit the development of E. coli and other harmful bacteria growth. Overall, grass-finished beef is lower in calories, lower in total fats, and higher in nutrition.

3. More Affordable 

We sell our beef in whole, half, or quarter amounts. Buying beef in bulk saves you money since the price per pound is significantly cheaper for your premium cuts like filet mignon and ribeye. 

4. No Growth Hormone 

Because grass-finished cattle eat what they were designed for, grass, they can extract the necessary nutrients to grow and regulate their health without modified chemicals. Our cattle are not given any growth hormone or supplement at any point in their life. 

5. Increased Variety

When you order our beef, you are customizing your order to exactly the cuts you want, such as thickness of the steaks or bone in/out. With our cows, you can also try different cuts that you wouldn't normally have available at the supermarket. 

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