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Terms & Definitions


Cows are raised on a diet of grass their entire lives. The finished refers to the last 60-90 days before slaughter, where their diet is sometimes supplemented as in...

Corn or grain-finished:

Cows are raised on a diet of grass for a majority of their lives, until the last 60-90 days where they are fed a supplemental diet of corn, grain, etc. to fatten them up before slaughter.

Live Weight: 

The weight of the live animal before processing.

Hanging Weight:

The weight of the animal after the skin, head, non-usable organs, and hooves are removed. Usually about 60% of the live weight.

Package weight:

The fully butchered and "processed" meat that you pick up from the meat locker.

Cut sheet: 

The order sheet detailing the amounts and types of various cuts, as well as specifications like bone-in/out, thickness of steaks, and organ meats/bones.

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