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Ganesh Gupta

I grew up and went to medical school in Kansas City. I am a hometown boy. My wife introduced me to country living when we settled north of the city in 1999. My background includes teaching resident surgeons at UMKC, KU, and KUMBC, combat tours in Kosovo and Iraq, and running my own private practice for over 22 years. My love of food led me to raise cattle, because I love to eat. But, it's really all about the dirt. Maintaining a diverse soil micro biome requires animals eating and pooping on the same land. My wife and I have been blessed to be able to ranch in such a way that the soil remains healthy. My goal is to provide wholesome and safe beef to eat.

Debby Gupta

I'm Debby, the country girl of the "city boy meets country girl" couple! I grew up on a large traditional fruit and vegetable farm in western Pennsylvania. Though I pursued a career in medicine, first becoming an RN and then an MD in family medicine, I never lost my love of farming. I have always had a particular interest in nutrition and am an avid cook. Our family's relationship with food has evolved significantly over the 20+ years of our marriage and continues to evolve. From our first struggling vegetable garden sustained with heavy pesticide use, to our now sustainable and organic practices (adding chickens, cattle, foraging, canning, dehydrating, and fermenting) to our ever growing repertoire of food practices, it has been a wonderful and satisfying journey. The more I learn about the food industry and it's negative effects on my patients, the more thankful I am that we have the ability to pursue real food. Besides that, the calves are just incredibly cute!

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