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Living Dirt Ranch strives to raise beef that is sustainable, nutritious, and affordable. Our farm recognizes the value of having cattle and soil work together, resulting in a thriving microbial community and healthy, hormone-free beef. We offer GMO-free beef for local consumers.


Living Dirt Ranch is not just about a product- it’s about a lifestyle. Our beef makes a difference at the individual, family, and community level by encouraging proper health, smart practices, and wholesome living.

Grass Finished Beef


We are all about promoting the grass-finished beef lifestyle. Information about how to buy our grass-finished beef is under the "How To Buy" tab. Pricing and more can be found under the "Information" tab.

Meet Debby & Ganesh


"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." Hello! We are Debby and Ganesh Gupta, the owners of Living Dirt Ranch. We are practicing physicians whose experience in the medical field has led us to realize the impact that food can have on one's overall wellbeing. Our passion for healthy eating started in 2008 after reading The Omnivores Dilemma by Michael Pollan. 

The Lifestyle

Want to find out even more about our lifestyle? Check out our blog or find us on Facebook or on Instagram!

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