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Order a Bundle

What are bundles?

    We offer bundles for the consumer with limited freezer space or for those new to grass-                              finished beef who want a sampler package.  

To order:

1) Fill out the following information sheet and be sure to include which bundle option you would like in the message.

2) Select which bundle option you would like and pay via Paypal.

Bundles A-D: $105 for 16-17 pounds of meat! Choose one of the first items listed and the rest of the weight will be in one-pound packages of ground beef.









































3) Living Dirt Ranch will contact you to arrange a pickup time and location.

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A: Steak and Burgers

1 sirloin or 1 round steak

remainder ground beef

B: Roast and Burgers

1 chuck, rump, or arm roast

remainder ground beef

C: Short Ribs and Burgers

1 package ribs

remainder ground beef

D: Brisket and Burgers

1 brisket

remainder ground beef

E: Burger Bundle

20 pounds of ground beef for $120, a savings of $10 off the regular price!

F: Adventure for Foodies

Buy $40 worth of any combination of the following cuts and we will add eleven pounds of ground beef for a total of just $105 - that is a 6% savings!

Stew meat or bone marrow for $6/pound

Liver, oxtail, soup bones, or bone broth bones for $5/pound

Tongue, heart, or kidney for $4/pound

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*Running a ranch can be very unpredictable, please know we do our very best to respond to any calls or emails within 24 hours!

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Thanks! Message sent.

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